Patient Participation Group

Who are we?

A group of patients, GPs and practice staff who share experiences and seek ways to improve. Anyone who is a patient of the practice, or their carer, is very welcome to join us. We meet about 4 times a year. The more volunteers we have, the more opportunity we have to represent the practice population and benefit from a range of experiences. That’s really important to our purpose.

What does the PPG talk about?

  • Access to the appointments
  • Practice updates, such as building developments and new patient services.
  • Challenges faced by the practice and steps being taken to address them.
  • Results of local / national surveys relevant to the practice.
  • Anything you want to contribute!

We want to make it easy for you

  • The practice arranges meetings / produces minutes; you don’t need to do any work.
  • To help working people attend, we have some early-evening meetings. We usually meet virtually on Teams which supports patients who can’t attend in-person. We hope to incorporate in-person meetings soon.
  • Invites are sent out prior to each meeting. We will also send you a reminder.

Meetings are friendly and open

  • The PPG is welcoming; we switch off distractions and listen to each other. Everyone is entitled to be heard.
  • Whenever the practice staff agree to undertake an improvement action, they will update the PPG on the steps we have taken to address it.
  • The PPG does not address individual issues or complaints. But if an experience you, or a fellow patient, has had raises an interesting idea that could benefit patients more widely, we can talk about it.

We respect your privacy

  • You don’t need to discuss any aspect of your health
  • When we produce minutes of the meeting, so that other patients can benefit from our meetings, your contributions won’t be identified by name.

Fill in this form to join the PPG

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