Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Patient Group

  • A PPG has been established and has already held three meetings. Efforts have been made to ensure that the groups are representative of the patient population by varying the time at which the meetings are held and also by the establishment of a virtual group. In this way it is intended to attract those in work who cannot attend during the day and those whom have other responsibilities (e.g. carers) preclude attendance when no other assistance is available to them. These efforts will continue. A particularly important feature was the necessity of encouraging frank and open discussions on all the issues involved and great endeavours were made, (mainly successfully) to overcome the innate reluctance of many patients to express their views in open meeting.
  • In the course of these meetings there has been some indication of the general nature of priorities which were largely in the context of communication and access. The survey form takes account of these views while also covering other significant issues.
  • In order to establish accurately the views of a valid cross section of the patient population the survey form was constructed based on the pro-formas and other information available. In the light of the nature and constituency of the patients in this practice the form required somewhat more consideration than was at first apparent. However the form was finally agreed and is in the process of being distributed in hard copy and electronically.

When the results of the survey are received they will be analysed and the outcomes will be presented to the practice with proposals for further action.

The survey and method of distribution will also be reviewed to decide whether any changes are appropriate.


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